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Apply CSP Bank Branch

About Us

CSP Bank Mitra(Digital Save Solution BC) is the new technology Customer service provider and business corresponds to several CSP Banks. It was formed with the vision of serving the people of various Bank CSP with their best facilities.

A large number of people, particularly the migrant labourers and industrial unit workers do not have a saving account and even not able to open an account due to lack of valid address and ID proof. As a result they face difficulties to save their earnings in a safe place and look out for Banking Solution to send money to their families. CSP Banks Services Point like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, account opening, etc. are provided by the Bank Mitra(Digital Save Solution BC).

Why Choose Us

What is CSP

CSP stand for “Customer Service Point” It is a banking outlet run through outsourced agency for carrying out limited transactions and sourcing of business such as Jandhan Accounts, tiny RD accounts, Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Insurance Schemes are opened here. Customers can also withdraw and deposit money at CSP Bank(Complain).

Why I should open CSP

CSP acts as a mini bank by carrying out limited transactions and sourcing of business. It helps Customers to withdraw and deposit money. Bank Mitra or CSP Bankworks as a representative or agent of the Bank and get a fixed salary irrespective of the CSP Bank/Branch.

Become a CSP Agent Today

You may apply to become Bank Mitra for several bank such as State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and Punjab National Bank.

OUR Services

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Through IMPS, the CSP Bank can transfer money of any customers to any bank in India instantly 24/7 and make good income on every transaction.


Any Bank CSP can open No Frills or E – KYC savings account and can earn up-to Rs.100 per account opening.


Customer can deposit cash in his account through CSP anywhere in India and CSP gets commission on every transaction.


The CSP is authorised to open Atal Pension Accounts and gets up-to Rs. 50 for every such transactions.


Through AEPS any customer can withdraw cash from his account through CSP outlet, CSP gets up-to Rs 25 on every transaction.


CSP can provide government insurance policies to individuals and make good income on every transaction.